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iron stairs California
iron stairs California

Before & After

Complete new ADA compliant stairway and railing.

Iron Stairs

Our stairs can help you avoid injuries due to broken stair treads, missing railings or other safety hazards caused by age or lack of upkeep. For new stairs, we’ll send you the engineer-approved plan for stairs and provide all the requirements for ADA compliance and permitting. Once you have submitted your plans to the county building office for permitting and have acquired the approved permit, we can get to work.

If all you need is a repair or stair replacement, we’re happy to assist you by replacing any broken treads with new ones cast using our proprietary high-strength reinforced concrete. Whether you work with us for new stairs or stair repair, you can rest assured that your property is safer for you and your visitors, customers and employees.

iron forged stairs California

Our Process

We work with both private residence and small business owners to create functional features that meet their property’s specific needs. The process of building concrete stairs with metal beams is a multi-step operation that requires skill, precision, and patience.

Once plans have been approved and the permit has been issued, a slab of concrete is laid down as the foundation of the stairs, and metal forms are installed to create two channels on either side. Then, a pair of metal beams is positioned in the channels and bolted securely into place. Next, to ensure that the stair treads are evenly spaced and fully supported by the metal beams below, reinforcement bars are placed at regular intervals across the width of the stairs. Once all of the steps have been installed, they are coated with a hardy layer of cement to create a durable surface capable of lasting for years to come.

Stair railings are an essential safety feature for any stairway. They serve to provide support and structure, helping to prevent falls and other accidents on the stairs. Our metal railings leave the facility with a primer that can be painted to match any color. With their easy installation and lifelong durability, our metal stair railings are the perfect choice for any staircase.

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Iron Fencing Installation, Repair & Replacement California

Iron Fencing Installation, Repair & Replacement

Fences are a vital part of many homes and businesses. They can provide a sense of security and privacy, but over time, fences can become worn and damaged, which compromises their strength and stability. When this happens, it is important to have the fence repaired or replaced as soon as possible, for both safety and liability purposes. Elite Iron Construction can perform most repairs to metal fencing, and if it’s beyond repair, we can fabricate and install new fencing.

We also create new metal fencing at our fabrication facility for properties that are either new construction or simply don’t have an existing fence. Our metal fencing is extremely durable and ideal for high-traffic areas such as parks, playgrounds, and golf courses. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a great choice in coastal or wetter climates. Overall, our metal fencing provides an added layer of security and privacy that will last for many years.

Iron Gates Sacramento California

Iron Gate Fabrication

Our metal fabrication facility allows us to offer a wide range of metal gates for a variety of applications. Whether you need a steel gate for your driveway or business or are looking for an extra level of security and safety, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.

Our steel gates are crafted using only high-strength materials and proven, effective manufacturing techniques, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Since our gates are made only with high-quality materials, they are guaranteed to stand up to even the most harsh elements. And because all of our products are hand-crafted at our own facility, we can offer fast turnaround times and flexible pricing on most orders.

Trash Enclosures Sacramento California

Commercial Trash Enclosures

Whether you own or manage a hotel, office building, or restaurant, chances are you have a dumpster on your property. That's why we offer enclosures that are practical for your needs.

Our gates are made from high-quality metals and are built to last. Plus, our gated enclosures are designed to keep your trash hidden from view, ensuring that your customers and visitors never have to see the unsightly garbage-filled container.

Whether you’re worried about keeping pests out or just want to conceal your garbage, we have and effective solution for you.

Iron Stair repair Sacramento California

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Whether you’re looking to repair or replace your exterior stairs, gates and iron fencing, the team at Elite Iron Construction is here to help.

Iron Stair replace Sacramento California